Do you want to set up your own LTD/LLC company in Czech Republic reliably and quickly? Would you like to limit the risks of making business as a contractor? Are your afraid of obstacles with a new Ltd company set-up, business seat, accounting, and the agenda around? Do you have questions about the company set-up and you do not want to spend a weeks studying the law and decrees?

How to incorporate a limited liability company faster

Before we look at the chance of making the process of a new company start faster, it is good to point out, that only a specialized company can guarantee the speed and success of the incorporation. The good news is that the price of this service has been distinctly reduced. For example Profi-kancelář is providing advisory to a LTD/LLC company set up – e.g. start new Czech company exactly according to your specifications, quckly set up within 10 days. It is also providing a business seat in Prague, so called virtual office or registered business seat, and other business agenda.

Usual Czech terms for a company set up

According to a recent research of the World Bank the Czech Republic belongs to the slowest states in Europe as for a company set up – even in Russia you set up a middle-sized company faster. According to this source a new company set up process in the Czech Republic takes about 20 working days. According to our experience you can count on time a few days shorter, depending on helpfulness of the Officers.

But be careful, this time of about 20 days is only for those whose documents were absolutely all right at the first contact with the authorities. For the LTD/LLC company set up you need good knowledge of all necessary documents and forms. Start studying the requirements only in case you have good translator, enough time, you like to study the laws, decrees  and their interpretation and you feel at the authorities like at home. Even in such case – if despite all the effort you will not succeed or you would have to pay more money in case of repeated submission to the Business Register you’d better contact specialists.

Think in advance

Before you start the formal part of the process of a new company set up, it is appropriate to consider several aspects. The specialists can advise you in questions related to the preparation of a notary deed, a way of dealing with statutory bodies (executive directors), shareholders‘ rights, including inheritance, using the common property in marriage to set up a company, choice and setting of the trade, placing the business seat, premises, etc. For example the company Profi-kancelář s.r.o. does not force the clients to fill in the personal data in web forms and solves all the questions with the client personally or in another preferred way.

Faster start of Czech LTD/LLC company

In what time can a new company be set up, registered at the Czech Business Register and relevant authorities? With the company Profi-kancelář s.r.o. the whole process takes only 10 days from obtaining all documents. In addition you get a guarantee that if the new company is not registered at the Business Register in such time, you get the Ltd company set up service for free – according to the slogan “fast or free”.

The Ltd company set up can be provided fully or partly, based on the power of attorney from the client. Everything can be solved by mail or personally while writing the notary deed with a chosen notary. The professionals will take care that all documents are ready and submitted to the authorities in accordance with the valid legislation. Apart from the trade license and registration of the new company at the Business Register the consultant will also provide the registration at the Financial Office.

You will find more information on a start Ltd company in the Czech Republic and the related service on or free line  800 880 110.