Welcome to Rent a flat. We provide the sale of properties in Prague, Central Bohemia and also in certain regions of the Czech Republic. Our real estate agency, Happy House Rentals s.r.o. offers a great service for Prague house for sale including high quality legal service, mortgage advisor, building survey, building and reconstruction, interior design, moving company and others. You may also be interested in lease to own buying option.

Finding a tenant
Property management service is very popular with our landlords living abroad. Choose a homes for sale and we will take care of the rest including finding a tenant to rent a flat, home repairs and home improvements and more. Information is on Property management, you can also contact us and we will explain to you how it all works.

Interesting offer
The lease to own option is a combination of rental housing, which will be yours after a stipulated period of time. Chosen property owners, which we cooperate with, will offer you to rent their property for a fixed period of time, after which you will be allowed to buy the property for the price determined when signing the lease contract. The money you will spend on the rent while renting period, will be deducted either partially or fully from the purchase price. Another option of rent a flat.

No overpayed rents
We know that quality of your housing is important. Therefore we offer apartment rentals and houses for rent that were thoroughly examined and that are in 100% great condition. We understand your economical thinking you do not want to pay overpriced rents. Therefore we run a systematic blanket analysis of price levels and trends for the future and we can target your choice of property – flat or family house rental quality and economically offers. More informations on rent a flat.